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Tips for choosing the best senior photographer for senior pictures

Senior Session with Dawn Clements Photography
Senior Session, Lexington Michigan

There are tons of photographers out there, so how do you know which one is the best photographer for your senior pictures? How do you pick someone? What do you need to look for? How do you choose when there are a ton of photographers? Not all photo sessions are the same, so you will need to decide what is important to you! These tips are designed to make sure that you’re choosing the perfect senior photographer to capture your senior year!

Tip #1 Do Your Research

Ask others. Ask other moms and seniors and your friends about their experiences with photographers that they’ve used. Also, you should ask each photographer you are considering for reviews and references. Check out the photographer's social media. Look thoroughly at their website to see if their style matches yours. Once you’ve done all that and you are sure that you feel confident that you will be comfortable spending some time with this person. You want to feel a true connection not only to their work but to them as well. Again, you only experience senior year once. Make your senior portrait session something special!

An important way to gauge what your experience with a photographer will be like is by noting how quickly they respond to your calls, emails or texts. Does it take them some time or do you usually hear back from them within 24 hours? It is good to have reasonable expectations and to realize that you are not their only client, but you also would like to feel like you are important to them. Make sure that you have good positive feelings when you communicate with your photographer. Are they excited about your session? Are they helpful, giving you helpful advice and tips? (Psssst…….by the way, my goal is to make EVERY client feel like my ONLY client!)

Client Testimony
Client Testimony

Tip #2 Don’t let the cost alone dictate your decision.

I totally get it! Teenagers are expensive, too many things to add up just this year alone, and the reality is………it’s never ending! Price is the first thing most people ask about. Don’t let cost be the thing holding you back from getting the look and experience you want! Your senior photos are a once in a lifetime experience! If you go with the cheapest photographer or have a friend take them, are you going to get the images you love? Will you get envy or regret about your senior pictures? Senior photos are a rite of passage, one of the most important milestones of your teenage years.

Choose someone that you love and believe will deliver the best experience and images! You’re only going to do this once! And it is extremely important…………find someone who will guide you through the process, help with styling, and offer ideas for product selection. While there are times to hire a hobbyist, hiring a professional is definitely worth it when it comes to senior portraits.

Tip #3 Ask about products & prints - keepsakes

Choose a photographer that offers products and prints. This is such a special milestone in your life and you will want to remember it forever. Graduation Announcements are a big deal! These are your senior photos, you should display them and be encouraged by your accomplishments!

There are so many more ways you can display your final senior portraits and how you choose to display them is again part of your style, that’s why it’s important to know what kind of products your photographer offers, and if you don’t see it……. ask the,……… it could be something new for them to offer.

Here at Dawn Clements Photography we offer Boutique Wall Art, Custom Heirloom Albums, Signature Keepsake image boxes, linen prints and more.

Tip #4 Include your parents

This may seem like a silly thing when you are looking for a senior photographer, but it is essential . Having one or both parents involved in your session is important. Make sure the photographer you choose encourages your parents to be present at the session at all times. A good senior photographer will shoot you and your parents and provide you with images that everyone in your family will love. A few session last fall I had both Mom & Dad at the session and it was phenomenal! It makes me feel we're all in this together! Plus, I love to convince them to step in for a quick picture!!!! (This is when I take out the box of tissues from my bag for all the Mamas who can no longer hold in their tears)

And there you go!!!!!!!! I hope that you find these tips helpful and a resource to help you pick the best photographer for you. If you think we might be a good fit, I'd love to chat with you! Click the link below and find a good time for you!

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